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Fort Lauderdale painting services

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Dr House Painter is your number one choice for Fort Lauderdale painting services. We are a locally owned, family based business that loves painting South Florida and keeping it beautiful.

We work with our neighbors whether you are looking for commercial or residential painting services. Fresh paint adds value to any property. This is especially true if the property is getting ready to be put on the market.

The Best

Dr House Painters Fort Lauderdale only uses the highest quality materials, equipment and techniques in all of the jobs that we perform. The pride in our workmanship is second to none with our highly trained staff.

Exterior Painting Services.

Painting the exterior of your home is one of the things that people will notice when they arrive at your home. It also will keep your home from being the “ugly duckling” of the neighborhood and keep up the impression of your pride in your city.

Fort Lauderdale commercial painting has pretty much the same impression that a home has. It is the biggest reflection on how you conduct business and how you take care of your employees and customers. An attractive building can even bring in new business and clients.

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Interior Painting Services

Painting the interior of your home makes it feel fresh and new every time you walk in. It also makes a big impression on your guests when they arrive and the whole time they are visiting.

Interior painting of your commercial building is not like any other job. It requires special techniques and equipment. You also need a professional painting contractor that can work with you as to not affect your business.

We are on your Side

Dr House Painter understands how sometimes it can feel like an inconvenience getting your structure painted. This is why we work with you and around your schedule. Shutting down your business just to get it painted is not good for business. We can work off hours as to not affect your operations.

We are fully bonded, insured and licensed to bring peace of mind to you while we work on your project. We work hard to achieve all of our projects on time within schedule. Call or contact us for a free consultation. We can go over what are your expectation and even help you out with color selections if need be. Getting a free quote is easy and we will explaining everything that is involved in your project. Find out what a local family business can offer with our Fort Lauderdale painting services.




Call or contact us and we can provide you with a free quote and references that you should ask from any contractor you are looking to hire. Dr. House Painter is your best choice for Hollywood painting services. Trust your next job to a qualified, local contractor.

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