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Dr House Painter Services


Our process in Dr House Painter for interior house painting is designed thinking in our customer and their needs. We paint Kitchens, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, Hallways, Foyers, Bedrooms and Bathrooms and we follow the same steps.

Following are our steps:
  • Start with a Free Estimate
  • Schedule a start & finish of the project.
  • We protect and cover your furniture and floor.
  • We prepare all walls, cracks, hole, gaps.
  • We sand and prime areas to be painted
  • We apply quality paint with a great finish.
  • We clean all areas and set back any furniture.
  • We inspect the work with a happy customer.
  • We will follow up with our customer service


Our residential team at Dr House Painter have painted so many houses and the exterior is the one that gives you the first and the last impression. Painting works outside the house require a good knowledge of the procedures and the quality of the painting as it is exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Following are our procedures:
  • All begins with a free consultation
  • Move your patio furniture, plants.
  • Cover everything else that is not painted
  • Power wash all surfaces to remove dust & mold
  • Fill holes, cracks, remove loose paint
  • Caulk around windows or door frames
  • Apply one coat of acrylic exterior primer
  • Apply two coats of acrylic exterior paint.
  • Set back any patio furniture or potted plants
  • Follow up for our customer service team


We are professional painters with hundreds of commercial projects completed with our team .

Why hire us?
  • We are professionals
  • We are Licensed
  • We carry workers compensation Insurance
  • We carry Public Liability Insurance
  • Your projects are always completed on time
  • Upon your request we bring big or small crews
  • We can work during night shifts
  • We services all types of business
  • We provide friendly customer service
  • Give us a try!

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