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A paint job can add to the aesthetics of the house with little effort and investment, but there’s a condition— only well-done paint jobs can bring out such a transformation.

A good paint job is actually a joint effort on the part of the contractor and the house owner.

As a professional and experienced house painter in Miami, we would like you to know that:

• There’s Work for the House Owners too

An expert and professional painting contractor walks in with a great idea in their mind. They will listen to you, offer you suggestions, and come up with a plan. With that done, they’ll get to work.
However, all preparations for painting shouldn’t and cannot be done by the contractors. At the end of the day, it’s your house and no one can clear the surface better than you. It’s on the house owner to remove the furniture or trim the trees and shrubs for better access to the surface that has to be painted.
However, as a professional contractor, we will provide a checklist to help prepare the house better. This will include removing all valuables from the walls as there are some things that just cannot be done gently, such as hammering or sawing.
We can focus more on the quality of painting when we are not pre occupied with being careful around the house.

• We can’t Control Everything

Even the best contractors in the world cannot predict Mother Nature. Some things are simply out of our control, for instance, theweather. Sometimes there’s no prediction of rain and its starts pouring, forcing us to call it a day. On other days, rain is predicted and work is canceled,only to find out that it is a clear and bright afternoon. The unpredictable weather greatly messes with our ability to work and the availability of materials. Another factor that is completely out of our control is permit application. It is entirely up to the government officials to decide the day the permit will be given.

• Backseat-Painters areas Worrisome as Backseat-Drivers

Most people mistake house painting as regular labor work. But it is not. It takes lots of skills and an eye for detail for flawless results.
As a home owner,your main tasks are to find a very skilled and experienced contractor, relay them your ideas, and then trust them enough to do their job in peace. Standing behind them and pitching in your suggestion every now and then is not going to help anyone.

• Don’t underestimate the Prep before the Paint

Most homeowners don’t have the patience to prep the wall and go for bids that promise to begin work early. What they don’t know is that 70% of a good-quality paint job is the result of a painter’s brush skills and 30% is his prepping skills.
This is what differentiates an amateur painter from a professional one. And this is where the in expert painters tend to lower their bid. Trust us when we say that it shows. When it is a rushed job,the paint ends up looking splotchy and dirty and more importantly, it doesn’t last long.

Talk to us

As a Miami house painting contractor, we can confidently say that we appreciate it when our clients talk to us and share their thoughts and ideas freely. It helps us envision what they want, thereby giving us a chance to deliver exactly that.
Lack of communication and open discussions lead to misunderstandings later on.

Our team of professionals at Dr House Painter can’t wait to visit your house in Miami and North Miami, FL, and give your house the makeover it deserves.

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