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Painting is one of those things that looks pretty cool and easy when you see others do it, but as soon as you hold a brush in your hand, you realize how wrong you were.
Without experience and knowledge, DIY painting has a 99.9% chance of ensuing disaster. If you can’t really tell, here are some of the telltale signs of a paint job, badly done:

• Dull and Inconsistent Color on the Wall

No, there’s nothing wrong with the paint if it your wall is looking dull, or if the color is not shining through. It is a sign that you forgot to apply primer prior to painting the wall.
If you have ever watched a residential painting contractor work, you’ll notice how much time they spend prepping the walls, before the paint. This is their way of ensuring that the color comes out looking bright, smooth and flawless.

• Bad Finish

A bad finish doesn’t need any more explanation. A badly done paint job is pretty obvious because of how badly it comes out at the end. The strokes can be seen on the wall, and left out spaces can be spotted form miles away.
This usually happens with wrong painting tools. Professionals know that brushes come in different sizes and each has its own function. Here’s how it works: 1- 3-1½ – 4 inches brush is used for walls, floors, and ceilings.
2- 2-1½ – 3 inches brush is used for beams, stair steps, cabinets, cupboards, baseboards, shelves, window sills, stairs, tables, gutters and hinges.
3- 1-1½ – 2 inches brush is used for cornices, jambs, furniture, and handrails
4- 1 inch brush is used for curves, corners, and tight areas

• Dry, Dull, Peeling, Cracking Paint

There are some things that only training and experience teaches you, such as the right weather to paint your house in.
Paints do not react well to extreme temperatures. Below 25° Celsius, it doesn’t dry well, develops poor sheen, and cracks and peel excessively.
Above 30° Celsius, paint dries way too quickly for its own good and results in bubbles and blisters on the wall.

• Splashes Everywhere

Like we said earlier, it all looks cool and awesome when you see someone paint immaculately and neatly.
When you hold the brush for the first time in your own hands, you’ll realize your mind fed you lies. Even something as basic as dipping the brush in the bucket and taking it up to the wall, takes practice. Non-practiced hands will make the paint fly everywhere. There will be splashes all over the house.
The bottom line is you need to be safe and smart. If your paint job shows even one of the aforementioned signs, you have failed. You wasted your time, and your money, and now you’ll need to spend some more money to undo your mistakes.
Isn’t it smarter to hire a professional painting contractor such as Dr House Painter, and save yourself all the trouble?

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