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You want to change your home, and you want it to be noticed? For example, you could change the color of your walls. In a few brushstrokes, your rooms will look new! A choice to make according to your tastes and the atmosphere you want to create. If you are not yet completely convinced, here are some tips!
First, a little point on the current trends. This year, the color side, blue and green are in the spotlight and do not seem to be confined to the bathroom as it could be the case before. They gradually take their place in new rooms and bring calm and zenitude. But if we had to choose the color of the year, it would be green. Its gray variant takes precedence over blue — a trend in colors that can continue for years with two variations of apple green and bottle green.
Difficult to choose only one color, there are cooked tones: ocher-red, terracotta colors. These newcomers allow smoother agreements.Let’s discover piece by piece the good color tips.

Give liveliness to your entrance

If there is a room where you can let go of the color, this is it! The entrance is a place of passage: dare the color. Frank and dark colors are recommended. In terms of colors, you do not need an entrance as bright as your living room.

Favor the neutral for your living room and rely on the decoration

The room that allows you to receive friends and family must instead display a neutral tone. This will give you more room for furniture and accessories. For a touch of originality, paint a single wall in color: a happy hue like powdery pink will brighten your interior. Color in the cooked tones will bring for it a warm and friendly atmosphere, particularly suitable for the living room.

Sprinkle your kitchen with touches of color

If the furniture is a neutral color, dare color on the walls! In any case, there are usually only a few visible walls: no risk of being too bright. So, why not use frank paint? Apple green, intense blue, bright yellow, bright red bet on color. If your kitchen is open, harmonize the color tones with those of the living room so that the two spaces fit well.

Soothe the mood in the room

It seems that vibrant colors like red are no longer popular in bedrooms. Understandably, they are not conducive to calm and restful sleep. In 2016, the pink and flesh colors took their place in the bedrooms. In a room of classic size, favor neutral colors associated with a decoration in the pure style.

For your bathroom, avoid green or yellow

It gives a bad look. Some shades remain timeless. Gray, neutral and elegant, is timeless. If you had to choose another: the blue, eternally trend for its cool side. If you want to mark the color, bet on a gray-blue or a turquoise blue. Do not hesitate to match the shades of the bathroom with those of the room if the two rooms are adjacent.

Let’s talk about finishes

The matte absorbs light and imperfections while giving depth to the shade and height to the room. The satin finish reflects the light but can give a colder appearance. The glossy finish must be impeccable. The matte finish is messy, to avoid in places of passage.
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