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Painting your Aventura home is a big decision. Finding a quality, competent company is a must.

Painting your home may seem like a simple task. It is for the professionals, not for the layman. There are a lot of steps that must be followed in order to do a professional job.

· Thorough Cleaning
· Sealing Entranceways and Windows
· Stucco Repair
· Protect the Surroundings
· Painting
· Clean Up

Houses get dirty easily, fast. A thorough cleaning is needed in order for the paint to last. This usually involves pressure washing amongst other methods.

Caulk and other sealants can dry out over time. It is not just used to keep moisture out, but also the small insects. All of the old caulk needs to be removed and replaced with fresh caulk. It makes no sense to paint and then try to replace the caulk.

Stucco Work
Small cracks in the stucco happen over time. The small cracks might not be totally visible. That is until a fresh coat of paint on it. This might not seem like an important detail, but you might as well do the job right.

The Surroundings
The more you protect the surroundings, the less cleanup later. This includes taping, drop cloths (if necessary) and covering up any shrubbery that may rest alongside the house.

The most important part. Usually there will be a few people in the painting crew. There will be the main painter for the walls, someone for the cutting in and someone for the trim. They all work together in order to achieve the perfect Aventura house painting.

Finishing Up
Then comes the cleanup. When you have a quality crew (like Dr. House Painter) there is usually not much cleanup due to the fact that we take care of your property during the whole process. We police the whole site and remove any trash or evidence that we were even there (besides the beautiful paint job).

Call or contact us for a free estimate when you are looking to paint your Aventura home. We deliver the utmost service on every job. Dr. House Painter guarantees all the work we do. Find out why we are the best for your home.

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