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Just the thought of getting the house painted fills us with excitement. It’s a promise of something new, revived, and rejuvenated. The excitement lasts right until the moment it is time to decide the colors, and then it is replaced by confusion.
With hundreds of thousands of shades, the possibilities are endless and that makes the decision even more difficult.
That’s why we are sharing this guide to help you pick the right color palette for your house:

Step 1: Pick a Color

Picking a color is not a one-time job; it’s a series of steps that you need to take to decide the best palette. Here you go:
•Walk through your house to see which rooms are visible to one another as this will help you strategize the colors. Use a floor plan for a more efficient selection.
• Pick the room that is the central focus of the house i.e. the main room.Decide whether you want to go neutral or bold. If you are confused, go with neutral. In case you know exactly which color you want in a certain room, then start from there and build the palette from there.
•Once you have a color in your mind, pick its hues for the adjacent rooms. Use a color card and choose the color from the nearby chips of your selected hue. Or you can simply add white in the same color for a lighter version.

Step 2: Develop a Strategy

It is important that the colors chosen for the house go well together and that’s why you need a strategy. You can either use the same-hue strategy or you can borrow it from an inspiration.
Nature is one of the biggest ones. You can go for a beach theme and use all the same colors as nature since they go together. You can pick a sky theme to paint your house like daytime or night time colors.

Step 3: Test the Palette you Picked

Now that you have narrowed down your options and have a potential palette before you, it’s time to evaluate it. Do not finalize and call a painting contractor in Fort Lauderdale before testing the potential palette.
This step will save you from massive cost damages. What you need to do are purchase sample containers of the best colors and a small board. Don’t trust sample cards as they can be deceptive.
Paint your own swatches on the board and it will help you visualize the final look better. Position the swatches next to the walls and in different locations during different times of the day.
Once you have decided on the color palette, it’s time to pick your painting contractor in Hallandale Fl. Remember that not even the best colors will be able to undo the damage if you end up trusting the wrong contractor. Leave the job to the professionals and reach out to Dr House Painter to give your house the best transformation.

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