Factors to Consider When Choosing Your
Exterior House Paint

While homeowners like to experiment with the interior paint colors, this may not be the case to the exterior house paint. Why do you ask? The answer is simple. Exterior paint is an investment. If you are preparing to sell, buyers will first take a look at the exterior and if they do not like what they see you are losing them. Aside from that, exterior house paint will either attract good compliments from the neighbors or be met with harsh criticism. Finally, it takes several years to redo exterior paints. So once you make a choice, it might stay for a while.

Putting these factors together, the pressure to choose an exterior house color becomes intense and difficult. Thankfully there are different aspects that help you arrive at a reasonable decision. They include;

The architectural design

Starting with the basics, the windows, columns, roof shingles, tiles and stonework the color you pick needs to harmonize all these details. Another thing to take note of is the style of your house. Some may have vintage designs and others modern. This means you cannot choose an exterior house paint that does not match the style. It is complicated right? That is the reason for you to take your time, do some research and if a must, contact the experts for recommendations.

The visual effect

What makes a house attractive is not just the exterior paint color but also the landscape. The exterior house paint should sit well with the landscape boosting the curb appeal. The two are inseparable. On top of that, you want to remain within the constraints of the neighborhood laws (if any). In case the bylaws specify the colors to be used for the exterior house paint, then stick to the choices, otherwise choose a color that will not overwhelm the neighborhood.

The durability

Bright colors are the best for a beautiful exterior and that is a fact. It is hard not to notice a house painted with bright palettes which blend. It is a sight for sore eyes. However, they fade overtime begging for a do-over. Consequently, the maintenance needs become high and the touch-ups may not give a good vibe. Using the right house paint sheen, with a high shine will help as it lasts longer and is easy to clean.

Essentially, the type of exterior house paint you choose should meet the above criteria. Whether you mix several shades or use the one, make sure it complements the design and landscape.

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