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The best thing about a paint job is that it is extremely inexpensive,yet it can still make a big difference to your home decor. Just a little change of color can give a whole new look and feel to your house.
Here’s an interesting observation about paint jobs. If you spend just tens to hundreds of dollars on panting your house before selling it, you can add to your house’s value in thousands. That’s how big an impact a fresh paint job can make on your house.
Choosing a painting contractor in Hollywood, Fl matters just as much. If they have creative minds, they can make your house look notably expensive without breaking your bank account. In fact, they’ll save you a lot more with their inexpensive rates.

Here are some creative paint ideas through which you can make your house look ridiculously expensive without spending a fortune:

• A Pop of Color
Painting your walls a neutral ora vivid color costs the same then why not take the leap and add a pop of color to bring some class to your décor?
Even if the theme of your house decor is all neutral, adding a bold color here and there will highlight certain features and give your house a unique, magazine-like appearance. If there’s a certain wall in the house you want to be the focal point of the room, use a bright color to make it stand out.

• Colors of The Same Family
Another artistic way to make your house look a class apart is by using various shades of the same color. This trick is ideal for houses with various moldings, trims, and detail. In addition to giving your house a particular theme, this method will also make your house look bigger.

• Follow the Rule Of Thumb
The right paint job can transform the entire space of your room. A trick that every professional designer knows is that neutral colors can make small rooms appear bigger, while darker shades can make a cavernous room appear smaller.
If you want either of the above, you know now how you can achieve it.

• Three Colors for the Façade
You cannot make your house go through a transformation until you change the way it looks from the outside. Exterior makes the first impression on your guests, and a cheap paint job can make the biggest impact too.
Remember the golden rule; you must not use more than three colors for the exterior of your house. The chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, Jennie Norr believes,that the 60:30:10 percentage rule should be followed.
According to Norris, 60% paint for the body of the house, 30%paint for the garage doors and trims and 10% paint for the front and shutters should be used.
The last 10% should,of course, be a pop of color to add a little edge to your house appearance.
If you are in search of a painting contractor in Aventura, Fl, who can give your house the most transformacional look in the least amount, then reach out to Dr House Painter for the house of your dreams.

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