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Some Smart Paint Touch Ups

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Valentine’s Day comes in the midst of busy schedules, and we are hardly able to make it special for our partners. A bouquet of flowers and a gift is charming, yet is it really that special when everyone is doing it?
Besides, what if you and your partner are the kinds who enjoy lazing around the house, just relaxing and watching movies?
In that case, you need to make sure that you work with what you have and make the day truly special by smartening up your house decor. Additionally, revamping your house for this special occasion will become part of your good memories forever.
The best part about trying to revamp your house for Valentine’s Day is that you don’t have to go out of your way to do it. Just find the best, most professional painting contractor in Miami, tell them what you want and you are all set.
In case you can’t decide what it is that you want, here are some paint touch-up ideas that will give your house a shiny, new appearance:


Bathrooms are likely to get a lot of wear and tear in your house. But you can revive the appearance of your bathroom by touching up the door, walls, windows, ceiling and trim. If your bathroom is in a bad condition, you can even consider getting a complete paint job, which will be finished in a day.

•Exterior and Interior Doors

In a house full of walls, the doors capture more attention than anything else. The first area you should consider when getting a paint touch up in your house is the doors. Boost the look of your house by first paying special attention to the main entrance door. A professional painting contractor in North Miami will make sure to keep the entire natural element in mind when painting the doors.

•Walls, Ceiling and Interior Trim

If you have a house with beautiful moldings, details, and trim then pay special attention to them. Highlighting these details by painting a single coat on them will give your house a sleek new look.
A slight polished and glossy paint on the walls, ceiling and interior trim will make them stand out even more. Embrace the old home vibe of your house décor by paying attention to these features. A lighter shade of the same color on the ceilings and walls will hide all the imperfections and give you quicker results.
In addition to the above, you can also give your house an instant clean look by asking your paint contractor to paint the light switches, garage walls, foyer, etc.
If you want the job to be done quickly, professionally, and in a reasonable amount then make sure you reach out to us at Dr House Painter and surprise your valentine with are new house.

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