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Whether you want to paint your house or you want to hire a painting contractor to have the job done for you, getting to know and understand the top 4 painting tips will not hurt you. You really don’t really to know every. Unless you want to be a pro. Just learn and understand the basics. These are the top 4 painting tips.

1. What type of house paint is the best?

This is the first question you need to answer. There are two types of paints in the market: oil based paint and the water-based paint. Depending on where you are painting, either of a type can work for you. For exterior house paint, the oil-based paint is recommended. If you are painting an interior room, there is no need of using the oil-based paint. The water-based paint is the best fit. It dries faster and does not have a strong odor.

2. How much paint do I need?

Normally, one gallon of paint can be used for 350 square feet of surface area. However, some places will need more or less of this normal paint. If you just had a popcorn ceiling removal services and you are want to repaint the ceiling, it will surely consume more paint. Exterior house paints also consume more paints due to their roughness and dryness. After estimating the amount of paint you are likely to use I recommend passing by painters near me for further estimates.

3. When do you need a primer?

A primer is an important equipment when you decide to paint your house. However, do you always need one? You don’t always need to have one unless: you are painting a light color over a dark one. For the best results, in this case, be sure to use a primer. Secondly, when your walls are badly stained you will need a primer and lastly when the walls are marked up and fill with spackles from patching.

4. Take care of the ceilings

Never paint the walls and forget about the ceiling. First, if the ceiling is in worse conditions, you will need to first perform a popcorn ceiling removal exercise. Afterward, you can apply your favorite paint. Remember to select a bright color for the ceiling. Bright colors help in eliminating the house. Most importantly consider using a different color for the walls, the doors, and the ceiling.

In conclusion, that is an overview of what you should know before paint your room. Always consider asking a professional for guidelines when stuck on the way.

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