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Remove the wallpaper or paint over it?

The conundrum is as old as time and has successfully made many homeowners scratch their head over the issue.
Well, we are here to settle the matter once and for all.
If you are a new homeowner, here’s what you need to know about it.
Wallpaper is one of the most common methods for decorating home walls and uplifting the aesthetics of rooms. It also lasts a long time, at the very least a decade.
However, wallpapers do come with an expiry date and when they reach it, it is almost impossible to let them be without doing something about it. The best course of action is to paint the walls and restore the aesthetics of the room.
That’s where this confusion comes in, about whether to remove the wallpaper and paint the wall, or just paint over it.
There’s a reason – and a very valid one – that house owners are unable to decide.

Why the Confusion?

As beautiful as wallpapers are, they can also be deadly to walls when it’s time to remove them. The strong adhesive does not easily give up and as a result, takes away layers of plaster or the drywall with it. It is also ridiculously time-consuming and tiring to peel away wallpapers. So we can just leave it right?
It’s not that easy because the paint results are best when done smoothly on a properly treated wall.
The best way to find your way out of this situation is to get an opinion from a professional painting contractor in Miami. They are experts well versed in their job and can guide you best.
Or you can make your decision based on the situation.

How to Decide?

Assessing the situation is the best way to make your decision. Follow these tips in order to make your choice.

• Inspect the wallpaper closely. If there are holes and tears then the wallpaper needs to be taken off.
• If the wallpaper has already been painted on several times then taking it off and redecorating the walls again will take time, money and lots of fixing up. You can make a decision based on your plans to live in the house. If you are there for the long-run, then you’ll need to take the wallpaper off and invest heavily.
• If you are short on time and money, then painting over the wallpaper is your best decision, given that the wallpaper is in a decent condition.
The solution is simple, weigh the pros and cons and take an action. If you still don’t want all that stress on your head, simply reach out to a reputable painting contractor in North Miami and let them assess the situation with their expert eyes. Better yet, get in touch with Dr House Painter and trust them to make the best decision.

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