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There are many reasons to hire a licensed house painter. Many people don’t put much mind to it, but it is something that matters. To have a painter’s license in Miami-Dade you need to have at least one year experience, we have over 20 years of experience.

  • Business Practices
  • Locally Established
  • Financial Risks
  • Insured
  • Costs

Good Practices

Having hired a licensed painter means they are regulated by the government. This ensures that they will be putting their best foot forward while performing their work.

A Local Company

Licensed painters are local companies that have established themselves within their community. This means they have a reputation to keep up with.


There can be a lot of risks when hiring anyone to do work anywhere in or around your home. Not only can damage be done to your home, workers can get hurt on the job. If they are not insured, you may be liable in the end. We all know that medical visits are extremely expensive.


It’s not just about liability if someone gets injured. It’s also about if the contractor decides to do shoddy work or even just don’t show up after you may put a deposit on the job. There might even be a bad apple in the group and decide to take something from the site.


Most people will think that hiring an unlicensed painter is cheaper. This is not always true. Be careful if you are thinking about doing this. First off there are many scammers out there. One of the major things these people do is get the cheapest paint out there. This paint will not last which means you will have to be painting your house more often.

Any contractor you hire to do work on or in your house, should be licensed no matter what they are doing. Dr House Painter is fully licensed and insured. We guarantee all of our work to your satisfaction. We are never done until you are completely satisfied. Call or contact us for a free estimate for your Miami house painting.

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