5 Good Reasons to Paint Your Home

If you have been sitting on the fence about getting your house painted or not, we are going to help you decide once and for all.

At times, you get your house painted just because you feel like it, other times; you actually might have a good reason to invest in it.

Let’s take a look at five of them:

1. To Increase Your Property Value

A new coat of paint on the house’s wall immediately makes it look all new and shiny. It also increases the house’s value and you’ll end up getting paid a lot more than you invested in the paint job itself. It’s only smart to choose a professional service for residential painting in Miami, and revive your house’s appearance every year to make sure it sells in the best price possible.

2. To Enhance Curb Appeal

While getting the interior of the house painted increases its value, getting the exterior painted simply boosts its curb appeal. Even if you are not aiming to sell your house, simply living in a house with such a curb appeals help satisfy your desire for a better lifestyle. It doesn’t even have to satisfy anything, it is simply about feeling good about your good-looking house.

3. To Protect Your House from Weather Damage

A paint job gives more than a pretty face to your house; it adds a layer of protection that allows minimum weather damage. In addition to providing protection from weather, paint on the exterior of the house also keeps the dust and insects away for a long time.

4. To Protect Your Wooden Walls from Rotting

Old paint begins to chip after going through its expiry period. When the paint begins to peel and flake, it makes the wood vulnerable to water and moisture attack. Once the dampness is trapped inside the wood, it sets off rotting from within. If it goes for long, it can entirely damage the structural integrity of the house. To avoid all this trouble, is a good enough reason to get your house painted.

5. To Lighten You Up

It might be slightly hard to believe that the paint of your house can affect your mood and lighten you up, but it’s true.

According to lifehack.org, yellow room makes people lose their tempers easily and make babies cry more.

Professor Helen H. Epps from the University of Georgia actually conducted an extensive research to find the correlation between room colors and our emotions.

The point is, if you are starting to feel too gloomy every time you return home for the day, try painting your house different colors, preferably blue and white and see how it shifts your mood towards a better direction.

If the aforementioned reasons have convinced you to get your house painted pronto, then makes sure you take the next step right. First off, begin by choosing experts of residential painting in Miami, or look for experts of residential painting in North Miami, if that’s where your reside. Or you can save yourself the trouble and trust the connoisseurs at Dr House Painter to revive your house with their flawless paint jobs.

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